Jamshid Donation

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Jamshid is a 43 year old man with 2 kids and another on the way. Until about 8 years ago, he held an office job and led a pretty ordinary life for a man living in Afghanistan. He started noticing that he was having trouble lifting up his legs when he walked and then he started to fall. His family gathered all their money together and sent him to India where they hoped he would find medicine to treat these symptoms. Instead, they told him that he probably had a disease called ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. This disease has no treatment and is a degenerative muscular disease. Jamshid will get weaker and weaker until one day he will not be able to breath enough to maintain life. Right now Jamshid can only sit with help and support and speaking is becoming difficult for him. He would like to be able to communicate with his family and within a few more months this may not be possible. We are posting this in hopes that we will be able to raise the money he needs for a machine that could track his eye movements and translate that into words that would communicate his needs.
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