Jamshid Donation

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Jamshid is a 43 year old man living in Afghanistan. He was lucky enough to have a good job and worked daily to provide for his family. About 8 years ago he noticed that he was having trouble walking, and then he started to fall. His extended family got money together to send him to India where he hoped to be cured of whatever this problem was. Instead he found out that he had a progressive neuromuscular disease. ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease do not have a cure. Since that time, Jamshid has slowly lost strength. He can no longer work, sit by himself, feed himself and most recently has been having trouble speaking. He has 4 small chidden with another on the way and he would like to be able to communicate with them for as long as possible. A visuALS system would help him communicate by reading his eye movements and translate those into words that his family could understand. Please help if you can- even a little will help bit by bit (as the Afghan proverb goes).
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